School Aims

Our aims and curriculum intend to:

• ensure children feel cared for, happy, valued, enthusiastic and motivated to become curious and enquiring learners

• enable children to be active citizens who care for each other, who learn the skills for life, demonstrate British Values and make a positive contribution in a multicultural world

• promote healthy lifestyles and enable children to manage risk and keep safe

• promote high aspirations, a ‘can do’ attitude and a knowledge that anything is possible when you work hard and try your best

• develop their self-esteem, resilience and a love of learning alongside our Pom Pom Learning Powers of Listening Lion, Concentrating Cat, Have-a-go Horse, Practicing Parrot, Remembering Rhino, and Talking Tiger

• be inclusive and provide opportunities for everyone to feel successful, be independent and collaborate effectively with others

• ensure all children make accelerated progress in all areas of learning regardless of starting points


Dates for the diary
  • Last day of term 22nd October
  • All pupils return 2nd November
  • Open Afternoon 1st December
Inset days
  • 1st November