Year R

In Year R we are Story Explorers!

We will be recapping all our learning from the past year and using all of those skills into
exploring different stories. We will be looking at the story settings and characters and
changing up the stories with new charatcers, settings and storylines. Children will have
opportunities to act out stories and become authors themselves by writing their own

Over the term we will be looking at the following stories in depth and talking about the
key message in each story. Children will have the opportunity to explore the different
characters, the story setting and explore different emotions and ways of life.

Throughout the term we will be exploring numbers to 20 and practice adding and
subtracting using objects. Children will have opportunites to apply their learning
independently through learning time. Alongside this we will also be learning about the
beat, tempo and pitch through our music sessions.



YR 2021 Curriculum Long Term Map




Dates for the diary
  • Last day of term 22nd October
  • All pupils return 2nd November
  • Open Afternoon 1st December
Inset days
  • 1st November