Starting school is a huge milestone in a child’s life but also in their parents.  At Bidbury we pride ourselves on being a big family who take care of one and look out for each other.  Our primary focus in the mental health and well-being of children as this is integral to being able to access learning.  Our learning approach is one of personalisation, to give each individual child what they need – be that further challenge or support.

Open Days for prospective Year R students – September 2023 starters

We are really looking forward to meeting potential parents and children who are due to start school in Year R, September 2023. If you and your child would like to come and visit us at Bidbury Infant School, please call or email the School Office to book in on one of the following sessions – we hope to see you soon!

Open Days for New Entrants Thursday 15th September 9:30am

Wednesday 21st September 1:30pm

Tuesday 27th September 9:30am

Monday 10th October 1:30pm

Friday 21st October 9:30am

Thursday 3rd November 1:30pm

Wednesday 9th November 9:30am

Tuesday 22nd November 1:30pm

Monday 5th December 1:30pm

If you apply for a place for your Year R child and are allocated a place with us then you will be contacted in the Summer term prior to your child starting school and invited to make both formal and informal visits. We will explain how your child will be introduced to the school, the class teacher and their classmates.

In Year Applications

Applications for places for older children and for new arrivals into the school’s catchment area may be made at any time via the Hampshire County Council Admissions’ Team  and by visiting the school. Where there is a space, places will be allocated according to the Admissions Policy. 

Home Visits for new Year R pupils

For Year R pupils we like to visit children in their own homes, giving parents and children the opportunity to get to know the teacher and to recognise familiar faces when the child starts school. It also gives the parents a chance to talk to the teacher on home ground and to ask any questions about this important time in their child’s life.

It is expected that before being admitted children will be able to:

  • use the toilet independently (and usually be dry during the day)
  • have some independence in dressing and feeding themselves
  • communicate their needs
  • cope with the demands of a school setting

Fine Motor Leaflet

School Readiness Leaflet


In Year Transitions

All moves to new year groups, e.g. Year R to Year 1, are managed through a range of transition events.  This will include current teachers sharing information with new teachers, visits to work with the new teacher and to see their new classroom environments.

Gallery & Noticeboard

Dates for the diary
  • 1st November Pupils return after half term
  • 16th December Last day of Autumn term
  • 4th January Pupils return to school for Spring term
  • 10th February Last day of half term
Inset days
  • 1st September
  • 2nd September
  • 31st October
  • 3rd January
  • 21st July