Covid Info

At Bidbury Infant School we are following Government guidance to continue to be cautious and to put in preventative measures.  Our primary priorities are to ensure

  • we minimise the risk of transmission
  • the children, staff, parents and all other stakeholders are safe
  • school remains open
  • we are able to put full preventative measures back in place if instructed to do so at any time (in line with Government Guidance for schools we have an Outbreak Contingency Plan – if this were ever to be put into action we would inform parents via email).


In light of this we have decided the following key principles will remain

  • year group Bubbles will remain within the school building where this does not impact on curriculum delivery, e.g. for Phonics year groups will mix
  • hand sanitising on entry, before and after play/lunch, as they leave school
  • cleaning of toilets and classroom tables/door handles/key ‘touch points’ at least twice a day
  • teaching of good hand and respiratory hygiene in an ongoing manner
  • staggered start and end times for year groups
  • keep school as well ventilated as possible


Areas which will change

  • whole school assemblies will be reintroduced (gaps between year groups)
  • playtimes will be mixed year groups (as outside in fresh air)
  • lunchtimes will be across year groups
  • parents will be invited back into school for some events but this will be reviewed as an event is coming to see if this is possible and parents will be asked to wear masks as per Government advice stating it ‘expects and recommends they are worn in crowded spaces’
  • more parents will be invited into the playground at the end of the day – in line with Government advice they will be asked to continue to wear face coverings in line with above
  • some class-based support staff will now routinely work across year groups


For all testing and isolation we will follow the guidance at the time provided by the Department for Education and Public Health England.


All measures above and below will be monitored in light of national numbers, local numbers and the spread of germs and viruses within school.  They will be reduced and increased as necessary. Parents and all other stakeholders will be informed of changes via email as necessary.


Symptoms and Testing Positive

If a child or a member of the household tests positive for COVID please inform the School Office.

If a child has symptoms (high temperature, loss of taste / smell, new and persistent dry cough) they should get a PCR test and self-isolate until the results are back.  If a child tests positive they should remain home until their self-isolation period ends (as set by Public Health England).

If a member of the child’s household tests positive the child can still attend school as long as they do not have symptoms and/or they have not tested positive.

For any period where a child has to self-isolate and is not unwell, school will provide remote learning which reflects the learning they are missing in the classroom.  Please see the Remote Learning Policy and Remote Learning for Parents.


Dates for the diary
  • World Book Day 23rd March
  • Sports Day 15th May
Inset days
  • 6th January
  • 22nd June